I’m looking for dancers to be photographed as I’m a new photographer building my portfolio. I can offer free headshots and anything else you may wish to have. I’m based in Portsmouth with a full studio setup. The bonus is I have been in the dance and performing arts industry for many many years so I am able to help dancers and performers get that perfect shot as I am fully aware of what is needed. My photography has grown out of a hobby and I now provide professional headshots for companies and their websites.

Any photos after the shoot that are edited you are welcome to keep. I’m really relaxed and usually a pretty good laugh. There’s no pressure to get anything done, we just go with the flow and see what we come up with.

As far as shooting ideas go, I’m completely open to suggestions if there’s a certain style you’d like to do. I mainly adapt what we’re doing around different photographic techniques that I can then use on my website as examples.

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