I think there’s not enough entertaining and fun performance going on in public spaces. Mini shows that people can laugh at and enjoy.

I’d like to perform easy dance routines, that we work on together, accompanied to songs and chants/raps (I’ve made up some) or to sound tracks..on the tube and in public spaces. I want to get noticed and to have fun and bring a smile to people’s faces.

We should be as creative as possible and sing about things that affect us all now. We could also do improv acting if people like this as well/are talented at it.

If you’re interested, you should be happy and committed to meeting up at given times that suit everyone, working collaboratively, rehearsing and then performing at an agreed time in public.

I like the idea of doing this on the tube – at a time that is not too busy – in the style of a flashmob, as it will be an eye opener for many and will brighten their day and commute.

Please get in touch if you are of like mind and are outgoing and committed to doing this and putting in the work necessary. If anyone is a dance teacher, or does flashmobs regularly, all the better.

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