Company: MUSE Academy
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Compensation: $55,000 per year

The MUSE Academy is seeking a Director of Dance & Movement who will be responsible for shaping, teaching, and administering the dance and movement programs of an exciting new independent school in Brooklyn, NY.


MUSE Academy at the Brooklyn Music School will provide students with a comprehensive humanist education, that includes, arts, languages, humanities, mathematics, and sciences, with a strong focus on music and the performing arts. MUSE Academy is targeted to open in the Fall of 2018 for students from pre-K to second grade and then expand to include a full grade school and a middle school and eventually high school. Our mission is to help children grow into fully rounded students, artists, and citizens who are highly successful academically, develop their full potential in music and the performing arts, and acquire the skills required to be able to thrive in a fast evolving world.


This position will report directly to the Director of Music & Performance and collaborate closely with the Head of School and the Board and staff of the Brooklyn Music School. We are seeking an individual with exceptional skills as a dance educator, strong knowledge of dance and movement pedagogy, and passion for children and the transformative power of the performing arts. We also require strong skills in collaboration and curriculum development, as well an entrepreneurial energy level and drive required to be a core member of the founding team at a new, highly differentiated educational institution.




The job includes full responsibility for shaping the dance and movement programs of the MUSE Academy, including:

Defining the vision, methodology, and curriculum building blocks for an intensive dance and movement curriculum for grades pre-K through 5 and collaborating closely with the Director of Music & Performance, Head of School, and academic faculty to create dense interconnections with both music education and academic subjects
Actively participating in meetings with prospective parents to convey the experience and outcomes of a MUSE Academy education
Teaching a variety of daily dance and movement classes including early movement, modern, folk dance, urban, tap, ballet, etc.
Contributing to key marketing documents including the website and printed marketing materials, as well as compelling blog posts and videos on the role of dance and movement in MUSE Academy’s educational philosophy
Building a sequence of developmentally appropriate dance and movement group classes that realize the full benefits of cognitive development, interpersonal skills, and creative collaboration and prepare students for advanced study and performance
Overseeing compelling performances and productions by our students for parents and eventually community showcase events outside of the school

We are looking for an exceptional individual to realize our ambitious vision for a brand new independent school within the context of a more than one-hundred-year old music school located in the heart of Brooklyn’s cultural district. Qualifications include:


Proven excellence as a dance educator who can inspire and engage children
Capacity to create an innovative, integrated curriculum for music and performing arts in collaboration with other teaching artists and academic faculty
Knowledge of established dance education methodologies, such as Laban movement analysis, Alexander technique
Advanced proficiency in dance performance and choreography
Ability to synthesize ideas and convey a vision of the MUSE educational approach through strong oral and written communications skills
Ability to thrive in a start-up environment


Performance will be evaluated on basis of tangible markers of success, including:


Achieving high levels of engagement from students and enabling students to develop to the fullest extent of their individual talents and passion
Establishing well-defined curriculum that draws upon established best practices for early childhood education in music and performing arts
Working effectively as a team with Head of School, faculty, and Executive Director of BMS
Developing a strong brand reputation for the school as a leader in music and performing arts education


This is a unique chance to make your mark in how children are educated in one of the most diverse, sophisticated, and fast-growing educational markets in the country. If you believe you are the right person for this challenge, please forward a resume and cover letter indicating why you believe you are a fit for the position.

Required education: BA or Masters in Dance performance and/or dance education

Salary: $55,000 per year

MUSE Academy
126 St Felix Street
Brooklyn, Brooklyn, 11217


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