My name is Jey Oz. I am an independent producer, writer, film maker. I write my scripts, I find locations, and I get these films edited and market them to industry. I am looking for a student or non student director, or cinematographer, that have their own sound, camera and lighting equipment, and want to begin collaborating with me on my short films, video skits and web series episodes etc, and getting their work out there. If you have your own equipment, even if it’s just a camera and sound, or a camera and lighting, or a camera, let me know…you must know how to use your equipment obviously, and be passionate about creating and collobarating with me to make the art of film. It’s all for experience and to build you CV. And to show everyone else your skills, and what you can do behind the camera etc. show the industry you’re hard yards! Student film makers, this is a good opportunity for you as the scripts, locations and cast are always done on my end! So! Let’s do this! Food & water usually provided on most sets depending on how long the shoot! Water always 😉

All minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


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