Most of us have seen the movie, ‘Finding Nemo‘, when it was released in the year 2003. A musical theater of this animated movie based on the comedy and adventure genres is taking place in New York City. The casting directors are looking for performers for this play in NYC. The theatre is organized by Walt Disney World Entertainment Lake Buena Vista, FL, where people of all ethnicities can apply.

The open audition will take place on the 29th of June 2016 at Pearl Studios NYC “500”, and the callback appointments will take place on July 1, 2016. Apply if you are a dedicated and hard working actor with talents to participate in musical theatre.

About the Theatre

The casting director of the play is Ray DeChiara. Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez produced the original lyrics/score, and the original choreographer was John Carrafa. Michael Curry put forward the original puppet design for this musical play.

Things to Remember

It is crucial that people coming for the auditions bring their Equity Membership Card with them. The performers who are able to qualify during the selection, and are hired for specific roles will be provided with relocation assistance as well as possible housing packages.

Casting for Roles

The directing casts of the Finding Nemo Musical Theatre are looking for 5 major roles. Below are the detailed descriptions of the specifications and the characters.

  1. Marlin

This is the character of a father who loves his kid and is overprotective. He has a huge heart and a touch of humor, which makes him a very likable personality. A male candidate is required for this role whose age is in the mid 20s. Anyone with baritone vocals, who can handle musical patter, can audition for this role. The weight of the person should also be less than 183 pounds.

  1. Crush

This is the character of a happy-go-lucky turtle that loves to have a good time and is still wise enough to be a father. He was the one who helped Marlin travel to Sydney. The male candidate for this role should be in their 20s or 30s, and have a full high mix/voice.

  1. Nemo

Any female in her early 20s is the right fit for Nemo’s character. The personality of Nemo comprises of an energetic child with no care or fears, and always being keen to learn and question new things.

  1. Bruce

A male in his 30s is the right fit for the character of Bruce, who is a shark. The person needs to have the ability to fluctuate their voice from high to low pitch perfectly. They should know how to manage harmonies and should have a comedic baritone.

  1. Dory

A female candidate in her mid 20s can apply to play the role of Dory, who was a ladyfish with a bad memory. She needs to be comfortable with heights and know character singing.

The individual should provide a headshot, and know how to play a musical selection of 16 bars. If you were waiting for opportunities like this, you should not let this one go out of your hands.

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