Disney is now casting nationwide for young actors to play various roles in a movie.  The upcoming feature film will be distributed by Disney Studios Motion Pictures.  They need actors to fill speaking roles and extra roles.


This winter Disney Studios will begin filming its new feature – Magic Camp. The shooting will commence in October 2016 and the location for this project will be Los Angeles. The film requires various characters played by children and teens.


THEO – 12 years old, a shy but smart African-American or mixed-race boy.

PRIYA PATEL – 12 years old, any ethnicity.

KAZ KATADA – 12 years old, any ethnicity

NATHAN – 12 years old, any ethnicity

VIC – 12 years old, any ethnicity.

This is a great opportunity to act for an internationally known company.  Disney is known for being one of the most prestigious companies in the world, and listing them on your resume will land you more jobs in the future.  You will work with industry professionals that know how to be successful in the competitive acting industry.

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