There are various roles available for kids and teens in the upcoming movie by Disney Studios – Magic Camp. The roles are available for both leads and extras and if you want to give your acting career the perfect start, this could be the most ideal opportunity that you must avail.

This winter Disney Studios will begin filming its new feature – Magic Camp. The film is set to be distributed by Disney Studios Motion Pictures. The shooting will commence in October 2016 and the location for this project will be Los Angeles. The film requires various characters played by children and teens. So if you are interested in auditioning for a Disney movie, this is your golden chance!

About Magic Camp

The IMBD page of the Magic Camp revealed that the story of this film will revolve around a banker, who after becoming an adult decides to go back to the magic camp he visited during his childhood. He wants to go back with the hope of participating in a magic competition and winning the prize that he always wanted to as a kid.

He was a failed magician who wants to give it one last try by returning back to the camp where he once learned his magic skills. There he meets a group of misfit kids who he plans to train and help to find their own magic. He also takes part in the competition with the hope to win.

There is not much to reveal about this film as it is still in its pre-production phase.

Since the movie is directed by Mark Waters – who also directed Mean Girls, Freaky Friday, and Mr. Popper’s Penguins – it surely gives the audience enough reason to keep their expectations high with this project.

Casting Calls for Disney’s Magic Camp

The following are the available roles for the movie:

Required a male (no specification for ethnicity) of 12 years. The character portrays a shy but bright boy. He dreams of becoming a popular magician one day.

14 year old girl from any ethnicity. She is the crush of Theo Moses and is one of the most attractive girls attending the magic camp.

Required another 12 year old boy from any ethnicity. This character is awkward and nerdy from the outside but in real has a very charming personality.

The movie will commence shooting October 2016 until January 2017.

How to Apply

The casting directors of the movie are accepting online video auditions. Proper live auditions will be help shortly in San Francisco Bay area. Only candidates with appointment will be given a chance to showcase their talent. These are three major child roles that are up for grab. If you want to submit your online taped auditions, they will be accepted for this project.

Please email your picture and contact information (along with taped auditions, if any) to schedule an appointment for San Francisco auditions. Send in your emails at: magiccampcastingxf@disneympp.com.

Fill out the submission form below to get more auditions.


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