Disney casting teams need actors to play various roles in the ambitious new musical set to premiere in 2018.  Filming will begin later this month, and casting teams need all types of actors to fill dozens of roles.  The auditions are nationwide at several different Disney affiliated locations.  Make sure to stay tuned for exact locations soon to be announced.


Disney Studios is teaming up with Ice Cube and the Tony-winning director of Hamilton, Thomas Kail for the new movie, Oliver Twist.  It is classified as a be a historical tale with a hip-hop flair, much like Hamilton. Ice Cube will play Fargin, the leader of a London gang.

Ice Cube is a hip-hop artist turned producer and actor.  He has appeared in several movies since he decided to focus less on the music industry and more on the film industry.  His first role in a movie came in 1991 when he appeared as Doughboy in the classic, Boyz in the Hood.


Auditions: Nationwide

Dates: February 20th. 21st. 22nd, 23rd and 24th

Filming Dates: March 1st – March 15th and Summer 2017 for recurring roles.

This is a great opportunity to act for an internationally known company.  Disney is known for being one of the most prestigious companies in the world, and listing them on your resume will land you more jobs in the future.  You will work with industry professionals that know how to be successful in the competitive acting industry.

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