While art is an important means of escape, I also believe that the stories we consume create our expectations. So, to balance out the Happy Endings and Ideal Outcomes, I want to make an honest video about some of the most idealised experiences.
Open for all – ideas include:

• a long-term couple who explain that actually, it wasn’t love at first sight and unconditional love and perfection from then on

– a parent who might actually not have felt the greatest overwhelm of love upon first seeing their newborn, but rather built that love and connection over time

– someone whose cancer wasn’t a “journey” that “opened their eyes to the beauty of everything” but actually really goddamn sucked
– a millionaire whose problems/despression/etc didn’t suddenly vanish when the money came
– a business owner who didn’t believe 100% of the time and it was hard and I wanted to quit sometimes!

You get the idea. Shoots ideally in the Greater London area

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