Title: Drummer for 'instro' surf rock project

Drummer, male or female, young or old, needed for a new instrumental surf rock project.

Instro surf is about the ‘original’ surf sound before vocal harmonies dominated the genre; energy, danger, and plenty of spring reverb. It’s having a slow resurgence as people see it for what it is; something pure and honest.

Some people think of instro surf as ‘cinematic’ and that’s easy to see why, with classic tracks like ‘Misirlou’ featuring prominently on soundtracks like Pulp Fiction. Instro certainly has a sci-fi, spy movie, retro vibe that is characteristic and familiar. (Type ‘instro surf’ into YouTube for examples of what people are getting up to.)

So if you’re a drummer with rock skills crossing into rockabilly, and even country, or if you’re just a straight-up surf music fan, get in touch.

Rehearsals are weekly in Hurstville, and this project is a mixture of classic tunes (surf standards?) and new stuff we’re writing.

Thanks for reading.


Reliable, committed, and musical. (If you love surf, but have have issues with transport or equipment, still be in contact, as it may be possible to help out there.)

Any gender, aged 18 to 68 from New South Wales, Australia

  • Minimum Drumming ability:

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