Title: In The Company Of Killers.
Production Co: Oceanstorm Films.
Director: Nicholas David Lean.
First Audition: by Skype with award-winning feature writer/director/producer based in UK .
Pre-production: second interview in person near Wicklow latest 9 / 10 April 2016.
Shoot dates: 21-25 April 2016 inclusive.
Locations: will be various around Wicklow National Park.
Fee: NMW only unless otherwise negotiated.
Genre: dark Thriller with imaginative twist – two co-lead females.
Notes: adult content – requires some sensitively blocked two-girl nudity which is integral to story.
Overview: two young women, travelling a dark country road at night, find themselves broken down in a lay-by when they least need it, and set off into the darkness of a wooded copse to find the owner of a seemingly abandoned Land Rover. Coming across a camp fire, and two men who appear to be poachers, we as an audience are reminded of news reports of two escaped convicts believed to have crossed the border from the north, and heading for the coast, and immediately realize the girls are in a predicament they wouldn’t wish to be in. As the two men prepare to take some sexual advantage of the situation in the glow of the fire, the two girls strike out, killing both men, in a flurry of uncontrolled violence. Taking what few possessions the men have with them, keys to their Land Rover, and a bag of clothes, the women head down to the lake to wash off the gory evidence of their attack – something they have a history of doing, given their not so recent incarceration in a high security prison for multiple murders ! As they head back to the lay-by, seemingly unconcerned by their earlier confrontation, the bloody evidence of their latest killings is ditched in the broken down car, setting light to it, and to the body of the car’s previous owner who is stuffed into the trunk, before driving off into the night, in yet another stolen vehicle. This is an Irish-located tribute to Thelma & Louise – sexually charged, and high on crack !


Christine is arrogant, confrontational, full of contempt and argument. She is the feisty, bull-headed one of the pair, but quietly affectionate and, in the confines of her relationship with Becca, the more submissive of the two.

Females, aged 18 to 26 from Dublin Region, Ireland (nudity may be required)

  • Height:
    165 cm / 5ft 5in – 177 cm / 5ft 10in
  • Ethnicity:
    White / Caucasian
  • Minimum Acting experience:

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