Type: Proof of Concept Trailer for Feature Film
Director: Manushka Khisty
D.O.P: Aaron Farrugia
Lead actor: Leah De Neise
Camera: Arri, VariCam & Drone
Role: Editor required for 3 minute proof of concept film
Commitment: approx. 2 – 3 days
Payment: Expenses paid, catering provided

This 3 minute film will be used to procure funding for the full feature, which has been more than 5 years in development.

The story, script, performances, footage and sound recording for this project are of a very high standard and we are looking for an editor to match.

The genre is drama / comedy and we aim to achieve a finished piece that is fast paced, vibrant, fun and amusing.

Synopsis- Fed up with the epidemic of casual racism in Australia, an Indian, Activist, art teacher NIMO, decides to organise a “Fight the Racists Arts Festival” for her North Fitzroy local community. Her long-term boyfriend BOB meanwhile organises a trip to Queensland so Nimo can finally meet his family. Upon arriving, Nimo discovers to her horror, he hails from a linage of XXXX guzzling, sausage scoffing, Southern-Cross-tattooed, Bogans. The culture clash leads Bob and Nimo to embark on a comical journey to define their identities, set in an Australia struggling to define its own.

All minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


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