Title: Entity Casting Call Charlotte NC
Date: 2018-02-06 21:57:32

Entity Casting Call

Hello to all of you aspiring artist.

We are looking for talent for an upcoming drama, sci-fi, suspense, romance short film to be produced right here in Charlotte NC. All details are below.

Thank you very much.

Open Casting Call

Benjifresh Presents is looking for talent in Charlotte NC and close surrounding areas for the short film “Entity” set to be released in August of this year.

Live auditions are to be held on 02/24/18 – Filming will begin in April.

If interested please submit head shot, resume, and character of interest to the following email.  benjifreshpresents@gmail.com


  • Four friends journey to a beautiful lake for a day of relaxation and fun, however; things take a deadly turn when an ancient force is reawakened.

All female roles are required to cry, so please have this ability to do so, as it is critical for the script.


[Charlotte Payne] Female / Geek & Gorgeous / All Ethnicities / 22-27. Charlotte is an introvert college student at UNCC. Having been a rejected only child, turned her into timid woman who is constantly thinking that she is being judge by others. She is the one that discovers the lake and tells her best friend Melanie about, thus planning a trip there.

[Melanie Watts] Female / Popular Bombshell / All Ethnicities / 23-29. Melanie is an extrovert, blunt and outspoken college student, also at UNCC. She is deeply in love with Andrew, her boyfriend of 5 years. Despite her straightforward persona, she cares deeply for those she loves and wants the best for them. She plans the trip herself, after Charlotte told her about the lake.

[Andrew Bryant] Male / Fit & Athletic / All Ethnicities / 24-32. Andrew is charming and respectful business owner of his video and photography company. Even though, he is soft spoken and well mannered, he finds Melanie’s personality rather attractive and wishes for nothing else, but to travel the world with her to eventually settle down and start a family.

[Briana Lewis] Female / Cute Young Woman / All Ethnicities / 19-23. Briana is a cheerful, polite and hardworking student at Central Piedmont Community College. When she is not in school she works as an intern at Andrew’s business. She joins them on the trip to gain leverage on Andrew to accept her working full time for him once she graduates. She also has a slight crush on him.

This is a non-paying project, but of course meals and credits will be provided.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read through this and can’t wait to hear from you.


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