Title: Event Host and Crowd Entertainer at a City Based Racing Entertainment Venue

-Phone interview followed by an In Venue interview with a ‘mic’d up ‘audition and role play scenarios.

Melbourne City based.

Please do NOT apply for this job unless you can confidently tick the following items:

– Need to be technically savvy and IT literate.
– Need to be a very bubbly and infectious Character.
– Need to be able to work a crowd of different ages and personalities, at different times.
– Need to be able to think quickly and confidently on your feet and problem solve while entertain people.
– Need to be a team player.

Payment: approx $30 per hour

To be an impressive “Event Host”
Vibrant personality – hard worker – be able to work a crowd.
Have the ability to make people fall for you!

Males, aged 20 to 35 from Victoria, Australia

Minimum Acting experience: No previous acting experience
Languages: English


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