We have an exciting brand activation handing out food samples beginning this weekend for a well known brand which needs professional, outgoing, reliable & bubbly staff.

Below are the current dates and times in which we will need you for.. please note some things may change.. eg times, locations however you will be notified in advance. Those who apply must be committed to the job, not cancel and if possible work most if not all shifts.

Below are all the details. Some dates may not include location however we are hoping it is all with close suburbs or city based.

Friday 4th March – TRAINING: 11am – 1pm
Saturday 5th March: 8am – 11am (Sydney Harbour)
Monday 7th March: 12pm 0 4pm or 3pm – 7pm
Tuesday 8th March: 7.30am – 3pm (Martin Place)
Thursday 10th March: 6pm – 10pm (Paddington)
Friday 11th March: 3pm – 6pm (Circular Quay)
Saturday 12th March: 3pm – 6pm (Bondi)
Sunday 13th March: 12pm – 4pm (Darling Harbour, Palm Grove)
Monday 14th March: 12pm – 4pm or 3pm – 7pm
Wednesday 16th March: 6pm – 10pm (Redfern)
Thursday 17th March: 12pm – 4pm or 3pm – 7pm
Friday 18th March: 12pm – 4pm (Maroobrah)
Saturday 19th March: 1pm – 10pm
Sunday 20th March: TBC 3 hrs (Penrith)
Tuesday 22nd March: 12pm – 4pm or 3pm – 7pm
Thursday 24th march: 12pm – 4pm or 3pm – 7pm
Saturday 26th March: 12pm – 4pm (Coogie Beach)
Sunday 27th March: TB 3 hrs (Bondi beach)
Tuesday 29th March: 12pm – 4pm or 3pm – 7pm

Those wishing to apply please state your availability, experience and why we should hire you


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