I am a Lyrical Song Writer looking for a talented Song Writer to transform my lyrics into actual songs with Melodies.

The songs are already written and ready to be turned into 3 minute songs. I have ideas on how I want the songs to sound and what instruments to be used but it will be up to you to create the melody for each song.

During the process of you writing the melody if any changes to the lyrics are required to suit the Melody we will have open communication to agree upon any changes.

I am looking for people with Musical backgrounds with plenty of creativity.
Ideally you will need to be able to play either piano or guitar to write the melodies and have an ok singing voice to record the songs for me to hear sang with the melodies you have created.

If you are looking for a project to showcase your song writing talent then please apply. I’m only looking for serious applicants.

Please include in your message your song writing experience and also include any instruments you play.

Payment options will only be discussed with the successful applicant.


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