we are a group of people who study media at Uxbridge College and we are making a short 10 minute adaptation of the Goodfellas film in a Danny Boyle style and would be interested for male actors and female actresses (2 females) whom like to participate and leave a massive impact on the movie. We’d require you to be comfortable to use strong language and possibly be mean as a character. the females will be supporting characters (make up and hair will be provided)

shoot dates: Till the end of October
you won’t be required to audition however be confident that you are valid for the role of a gangster. And the females to have presence without much script.

the scene we’ll be filming will be from the film Goodfellas – Bar scene (you must watch the film before applying!)

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Sonny Bunz

amusement would abuse him publicly in his own lounge.Sonny takes Pauly vario in as a partner which started off as good thing because he could get anything done.problems with deliveries of food and booze?he can go to Pauly problems with local wiseguys?he can go to Pauly,but now he’s got to pay Pauly every week no excuses!Then when he couldn’t borrow money from the bank they ended up burning the club in which Pauly more than likely got a cut from the insurance claim

Males, aged 18 to 24 from London, United Kingdom

  • Acting experience:
    No previous acting experience – Extra

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