We have several extra positions open for a music video set to be shot in Sheffield, preliminary shooting date set at 14/03/16.

The concept of the video revolves around the loss of memory, the tendency of forgetting with age and the mental disease Dementia.
The lead character will sit at the end of a living room on a sofa, whilst the camera very gradually dollies into him, central from the back of the room. The living room is busy with memories, moments the man holds dear, people in his life, loved ones, lost ones. These memories have transcended time, they all appear in this living room from different stages of the man’s life around him. They gradually distort and disappear, as we move closer. Paintings and photographs blur, and people fade away, until he is left alone at the end.

As extras, you will play the memories of the man’s life, ghostly reminders interacting in the space around him.

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