Title: EXTRAS WANTED – Fashion / Sports Reality TV Style Online Content

Ever wanted to be an EXTRA in a fast paced comedic shoot featuring two well known main talent competing Project Runway style for who can come up with the best outfits for each challenge given to then in the store?

As an extra for this shoot, you could be someone who helps the talent find their outfit or throws a spanner in the works. You can also go for the role of ‘Store Employee’ and really help your favourite win the competition!

We will be shooting 7.30pm – 11.30pm on MONDAY the 17th of OCT and 7.30pm – 11.30pm on TUESDAY the 18th of OCTOBER in the Melbourne CBD

Background extras will be compensated with a $50 UNIQLO Voucher per night
and Sales People will be compensated with a $100 UNIQLO voucher per night.

Super fun opportunity to work with a great brand on entertaining content.



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