Casting directors are looking for kid actors between the ages of 12 to 20 to work on a scene filming on May 1 in Atlanta, Georgia.  A feature film based on a best selling teen novel is casting and filming in Atlanta.  Filming will begin in April and continue throughout the summer. Casting directors are looking for men ages 30 to 45 to play scientists.


Darkest Minds is based on the young adult trilogy written by Alexandra Bracken. The film takes place soon after a pandemic kills most of the children and teenagers in the United States. When some survivors develop superpowers, they are deemed too dangerous for society.  They are taken from their families and placed inside camps so that they cannot use their abilities.  The books are very comparable to The Hunger Games series and they cater to the same type of audience.


Where: Atlanta, Georgia

When: May 1st 2017

This is a great opportunity to appear as a featured or background extra in what will surely be a box office hit.  The Darkest Minds trilogy is very popular among young adults and it will undoubtedly draw huge crowds for the premiere.  The directors are looking to do what Hunger Games did with the novels they are based on.  This is a perfect chance for you to appear in a potentially huge series with many benefits.  If you impress a casting team member or the director you may find yourself with an even bigger role than you imagined.

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