We are an independent production house based in Melbourne. Currently we are in pre-production stage of our first feature film. We are looking for a talented, creative and passionate crew members to be part of this production. The film is a coming of the age film which takes its characters on road trip that helps them to explore their inner self.

We will be filming for 4 weeks during the month of May and June 2016. Two out of four weeks of filming will be in various parts of Victoria and potentially South Australia and other states so for those two weeks the entire unit will be travelling and camping at various locations.

We are looking for people:
-Who have experience working on feature film.
-Who are passionate about film and happy to accept the challenges of film production with a big smile.
-Able to perform multiple roles if required.
-Love outdoors, travelling and camping.
-Able to work with people from different cultural backgrounds.
-Team players, able to take directions, responsible.
-Bring a positive attitude and energy to the team.

Because of the limited budget these roles unpaid roles but we will cover your expenses during two week road trip and for the Melbourne shoot we will share your travelling expenses.

We are really excited about this fun filled yet challenging project . We are extremely passion about film so we want make this film an experience to remember for our cast and crew. It will be a great opportunity for everyone involved to expand their portfolio and have fun at the same time.

All minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


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