Title: Featured Extras Needed for Feature Film “Salvage” Winston, Salem, NC
Date: 5 March 2017 | 8:47 pm

Featured Extras Needed for Feature Film

Who: Independent film “Salvage

What: Featured extras needed

When: For short periods throughout the 11th-13th of March

Where: Winston-Salem, NC

Why: Because without your talents, our production won’t be nearly as good!

“Salvage” takes place in the world of a fictional underground organization that specializes in obtaining healthy organs for wealthy clients. The film follows John and George, two career harvesters, who find out that their current client might be in more trouble than just needing a new pair of lungs. Their relationship strains as they race against the clock to keep their client – and themselves – alive!

This independent film is in need of featured extras for a number of sequences being shot in the Winston-Salem, NC area this weekend, March 11th-13th.

The list of extras needed is as follows:

Dave: An average-joe type who is the central target in an abduction/harvesting by the main characters of the film. 30-50, any gender welcome.

2-3 Body Guards: Strong, tough looking guys with mean demeanors. Any age is welcome. Tattoos are fine, even encouraged!

Rich and Seedy Club Goer: A man or woman strung out on drugs and ready to do more. Aged 30-40.

Hitman: A mask-wearing gunman who emerges from a car and guns down a target with deadly precision. Any age or gender are welcome as long as you like to look intimidating!

Target: Another average-joe type who is the victim of the hitman’s assassination. A role to really show off your ability to die with style and grace. Male or female aged 20-60. Notice: air-powered squibs will be placed on this actor/actress.

2 Surgeons: The doctors who do the most important job of all within the Organization. We need men and women, of any age, who want to get their hands bloody and maybe want an Instagram-worthy photo will some prosthetic organs.

Please send an email with a current photo, your name, phone number, age, clothing sizes, and the city and state in which you reside to auggieheschmeyer@gmail.com ASAP!


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