Film Title: ‘12.12.12.’

We need featured extras needed for an upcoming short film shooting in NSW. The short is intended for a festival run in the USA and Australia.

The film is shooting on 2/3 and 9/10 April, but featured extras are only needed for one day of the shoot. We will be arranging casting meetings over the next two weeks, in line with your existing schedule.

The Synopsis: In this small town, everyone knows Jasper is weak and Eric is crazy. Already labelled ‘no-hopers’, at only 18 and 23 years old, the Whitehead brothers are disrespected. Discarded. Disenfranchised. But Eric has a plan. Their chance for a clean slate: an armed assault on their former elementary school.


James Crisp is an award winning film writer and director from New Zealand. After completing film school in 2010, James wrote and directed his first independent film ‘The Good Neighbour’. The film was selected and screened in numerous festivals in Australia, America, Asia and Europe. From 2012 to 2015, James worked as in-house Producer and Director of a promotional media production unit in New Zealand; where he wrote and directed national TV commercial campaigns and promotional videos for large international audiences.

Pete Ireland is an award winning film producer, writer and director based in Sydney, Australia. His films have been selected for AACTA-accredited, FIAPF-accredited and Oscar-accredited Film Festivals, in Australia and overseas. Pete’s films have also been broadcast on Television in Australia and Europe. In 2015, Pete’s short, animated documentary ‘Chip’ won at the Australian Academy Awards (AACTAs), and he was also one of two producers selected for Screen NSW’s Emerging Producer Placement Scheme in 2015.


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