Title: Female Actor Wanted for Year Long Adventure TV Series

This is a very special production unlike anything you will have ever done before. Please read this carefully as commitment is essential. This is an around the world sailing adventure which we are planning on following the sun for 1 year. We will be travelling to exotic locations and islands that are deserted through to potentially dangerous destinations. From Australia to Fiji, Indonesia, Cook Islands, Africa, French Polynesia and many other locations. This is a Reality Doco that will show true adventure and destinations plus current events including conflicts, religion, fitness, health, wildlife and pleasure.
We are looking for an adventurous female 20-35 years old. You must be willing to be away for up to 12 months with all expenses paid plus a salary or an option on profit share. An outdoors and natural beauty who is a capable swimmer and just loves having a go at everything and anything. Being in touch with nature and an instilled empathy for wildlife is essential. A sense of humour is a plus, a knowledge of diving, sailing, extreme sports, first aid and any other talents will be highly regarded however just having the desire to learn is a huge plus. You must be open minded as there are certain to be experiences from cultures that may shock that we come across.
We are expecting to have this series picked up by one of the major networks as a weekly series with 2 seasons filmed over this period with the potential for ongoing seasons.
Your acting experience will come into play however it really comes down to your personality, drive and appearance which will all be major factors. We do have a certain look in mind but we want to be blown away by your natural personality.
My advice to any applicants is to please only apply if you can truly see yourself living a year of adventure. So please think before applying.

Co Host/Adventurer

We are seeking an adventurous, outgoing, active, open minded,nature loving female who wants to travel the world while living onboard a yacht and travelling to exotic, challenging, potentially dangerous paradises while encountering different cultures, religions, wildlife and extreme sports. This is a once in a life time opportunity to be a Co Host of a Reality Doco that expands viewers worlds and imaginations. You must be willing to learn new skills or show diverse experience.

Females, aged 20 to 35 from Victoria, Australia

  • Weight:
    44 kg / 96 lbs – 60 kg / 132 lbs
  • Minimum Acting experience:
    No previous acting experience

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