This is a Documentary Film with reenacted scenes. The film’s main character is Sarah who is telling her story, she reminisces on her past and we need an experienced actor to play her when she was in her early 30’s.

Sarah had just become a new mother and finds herself with very little support around her and is left to cope alone. Sarah never had a mother figure in her own life as she was abandoned at the age of five. Years later and now raising two new born boys practically by herself, she fears that she’s no stronger than her mother was, and that inevitably history will repeat itself forcing her to leave. The story dives into Sarah’s experience of suffering from post-natal depression and therefore this role is for an experienced female actor who can fully immerse themselves into the role.

The film is all set late 80’s In her home in Hackney and the action is based on the real events from Sarah’s past. These scenes require no dialogue however the role is extremely challenging as the audience need to feel her emotions and understand her internal thoughts of that time. We recommend the actor researches thoroughly post-natal depression before auditioning.

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This character Sarah is the films lead role.

There is no dialogue required by the actor as the audio from the interview is played over the top. However this is an extremely challenging role, the actor will need to dig deep to give us a believable but subtle performance.

Females, aged 28 to 36 from London, United Kingdom

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