Title: Female & Male Actors Needed For Choreographed Hallway Fight Scene

Interested in adding a fight scene/stunt performing to your reel on April 1st (flexible schedule)?

Experienced and professional students at Regent’s University London versed in tracking shots and stage directing are filming a short choreographed fight scene. It will follow a female who takes on multiple male fighters in hand-to-hand combat in a long hallway.

The project will include rehearsal in an open move where we will specifically walk you through the steps and choreography to ensure the highest level of safety on the shoot. Swings will not make physical contact – but you will instead be shown how to effectively execute a fight scene as an actor. It will look great on acting resumes and portfolios!

There will also be multiple slow walkthroughs in the hallway, and then we will move on to filming.

Based on your schedule, the initial choreography session will be at Regent’s University London around March 31st. The official filming will be done at Regent’s University London on April 1s from 6pm-9pm.

If you are applying for the lead female roll, please include any academic training or experience you have had in stunt work.

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