Previous voice over or game work is required.
Confidence in front of a microphone is a must.
Great opportunity on a high profile job and may lead to further recording opportunities.

Trailer record: Wed 6th and Thurs 7th April
Auditions: 13th, 14th, or 15th April
Feature record: 3rd-20th May

Using the role breakdown , we want your interpretation of the character’s voices, reading the lines below:


No, Marotti, not a single minute. We need to talk about… I’m sorry. What are you two doing here?
Natalia, you betrayed me. I don’t believe it.
You be quiet. I really don’t understand, Natalia. You’re desperate to have my life! First you want to go out with Felipe, and now what? You want to be the
star of YouMix as well?
Be quiet!
Marotti, this is a huge mistake you’re making. Natalia doesn’t even know how to sing.
Marotti, can you get rid of her or something? Because she’s giving me a headache.
Um, what? I’m not going anywhere.
I will not…
Marotti, I can’t believe Natalia is presenting tonight.
Don’t lie, Nat! You’re up to something. I heard you talking on the phone about it.
I will go nowhere.
Nobody can make me leave, I will go on my own when I feel like it. Let me go, let me go. My hair is being ruined, my nails! You’re ruining everything! Marotti, I hate you!

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Accent: Neutral U.S accent (L.A)

A true material girl, but endearing. She is the perfect best friend, whilst fully obsessed with her looks and fashion.??
Voice details: Mid-range, with an energetic delivery; upbeat, but with a slight nasal tone and squeak.??
Voice Reference:


Females, aged 20 to 30 from United Kingdom

  • Minimum Acting experience:
    No previous acting experience

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