Previous voice over or game work is required.
Confidence in front of a microphone is a must.
Great opportunity on a high profile job and may lead to further recording opportunities.

Trailer record: Wed 6th and Thurs 7th April
Auditions: 13th, 14th, or 15th April
Feature record: 3rd-20th May

Using the role breakdown , we want your interpretation of the character’s voices, reading the lines below:

SCRIPT- lines of Isabella:

Isabella: Welcome!
Violetta: Oh, Isabella.
Isabella: Oh my goodness! Hello!
Eloisa: Wow! This is wonderful!
Violetta: Thanks a lot for the invitation.
Isabella: Thanks for what, honey?
Isabella: We’re all waiting for you.
Isabella: Gigino, take Eloísa and Tini’s luggage to their room.
Isabella: Violetta, I mean.
Violetta: Actually, my luggage is in the sea.
Isabella: In the sea?
Violetta: Yes, it fell overboard.
Isabella: My goodness!
Isabella: Look, there’s the port,where you came in.

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Accent: Neutral U.S accent (L.A) with a hint of Italian??

A friend and patron to artists, Isabella is elegant and encouraging, going to great lengths to provide perfect working environments for her artists. She is enthusiastic and warm. She pays attention to one particular artist, inspiring her to continue and create music. ??

Voice Details: Slightly raspy, but with an energetic and sincere delivery. Mid-range tone.??


Females, aged 55 to 65 from United Kingdom

  • Minimum Acting experience:
    No previous acting experience

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