Title: Females Required for Bubbly Football Theme Shoot

The European cup is coming up in june and i would like to do an inspired football theme photoshoot with a shirt i have designed for the occasion for models to wear while in a studio, on a football pitch and looking amazing.
Looking for a few females who have a great smile and passion for sports and love to get moving around instead of your traditional staying still posing.

depending on how many applicants i would love to do a single shoot or even group shoot and make it a fun time for everyone.

We are looking to do this on the 15th april which is a saturday and hopefully the sun is out. a possible sunday shoot is also in view and can keep everyone updated.

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Female model

Looking for a female with a great smile and healthy appearance who has alot of energy as i would love to get sum running and actual football theme shots with a ball.

The size of the shirts are Medium so happy to have girls who are slightly bustier and possible more broad for sports.

Females, aged 18 to 99 from United Kingdom

  • Minimum Modeling experience:
    Beginner, starting out
  • Height:
    152 cm / 5ft 0in – 195 cm / 6ft 5in
  • Dress Size:
    4 – 12

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