Hey Dee Ho Music Pty Ltd in the WESTERN SUBURBS is looking for enthusiastic actors, singers and dancers to present their weekly dramatic, musical and interactive developmental programs to children 5 and under.

Through music, movement and dramatic story-telling, our performers are provided with all the resources they need to combine their talents and bring each individually catered program to life, and smiles to hundreds of young children at various crèches, kinder-gardens and schools throughout Australia. Best of all, Hey Dee Ho carries the flexibility that will allow for you to continue working in the performing arts, on set or on tour – in fact we encourage it!

Applicants must have access to transportation and enjoy working with children. Auditions are taking place now so reply to our post and provide your information.

Please note that this job is located in the western suburbs and requires performers to drive to several locations during the day. Please do not apply if this would not be logistically feasible.


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