FISH is a compelling story of a couple (Mia and Jared) that are handcuffed to each other. It is their world and it is completely normal. But everything changes when Mia accidentally drops her KEY into the river. Jared becomes more selfish and abusive and Mia realises that she must get out.

This film is about freedom and people willingly attaching themselves to things that they desire, opinions, beliefs, objects, jobs etc…

This is a short film (10 min) that will be screened at BFI. The script been reviewed by multiple experienced filmmakers and been improved each time.

The production team consists out of 6 people. We will adjust shooting times to your schedule, however, we might require 2-3 full days.

The CASTING will take place on Monday 14th of March (exact location to be confirmed). The REHEARSALS will start from March 21st (following Monday). We would like to meet at least 3 times before the shoot to develop the character profile and block the actions.

This is a highly ambitious projects. We want to get the best quality but simplest shots.
Mar 28 – Apr 10
Unfortunately this is an unpaid job, however, we will provide catering for you, travel expenses and you will have the main copy of the film by the end of MAY 2016 and invitation to attend the screening at BFI.

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Jared is 24 years old. He works as an online data researcher for various advertising companies. This allows him to work from home and earn enough money to support himself and his girlfriend.

Jared is selfish and arrogant but knows that to get around easier he should hide it. He hates public attention and when someone starts arguing on a street. He is aggressive but only until the point something gets him. Jared comes across as a nice funny and optimistic guy. He is comfortable with his life a

Males, aged 21 to 25 from London, United Kingdom

  • Height:
    170 cm / 5ft 7in – 177 cm / 5ft 10in
  • Minimum Acting experience:
    Previous unpaid speaking roles
  • Attended drama school:
  • Languages:
  • Accents:
    UK English

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