1. Size 24- (5’5″-5’6″)
Bust- 128cm
Waist- 110cm
Hip at fullest- 135cm

2. Size 28- (5’5″-5’6″)
Bust- 140cm
Waist- 122cm
Hip at fullest- 147cm
Thigh- 78cm

3. Size 18- (5’5″-5’6″)
Bust – 109cm
Waist- 90cm
Hip at fullest- 115-118cm
Thigh- 66cm

4. Size 12 petite (5’0″-5’2″)
Bust- 92cm
Waist- 73cm
Hip at fullest- 100cm
Thigh- 58cm

Size 12 measurements below for 3 positions
5. Tall- 5’10” and over
6. Core- 5’5″- 5’7″
7. Petite- 5’2 and under

Fullest hip- 100cm
Thigh- 57cm

Give or take 1-2cm

Please ONLY apply if you fit the measurements for the jobs above

Apply here stating which size job you are applying for.

For example:
re: size 12 tall

* Current measurements in cm NOT inches
* Head shot
* Full length photo to show body shape
* Experience in fitting modelling
* Height

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