After the tremendous success of ‘Worst Cooks in America’, Food Network is going to launch a new show in the same category. The show is called, ‘Worst Bakers in America’ and it is all about baking; but only the worst of it. The show is a culinary boot camp of absolute worst bakers who know nothing about baking. Say the word ‘baking’ and if you remember an utterly horrible baker or yourself making a disaster of the cake, then don’t hesitate for even a moment and apply for ‘Worst Bakers in America’. This time, the applicants can not only apply themselves, but their friends or family can also send request to request their participation.

The format of the show is grouped, with the selected participants divided in two groups. Each group has a culinary mentor and celebrity chef. Throughout the season, the participants are put through challenges and tests to improve their baking skills. The baker who could show the best improvement, will be awarded with the prize money of $25,000

For the participants, the competition is very challenging as they are defying their own comfort zones to prove their ability and hidden capacity of baking.

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We are looking for bad bakers that wish to become baking heroes. You can improve your skills and change your the mood in the kitchen. You will be competing the worst of the worst while being trained by the best of mentors. If you think that you can take up the challenge to turn the tables in your baking skills, then this call is certainly for you.

The applicants can fill out the form themselves, or their family or friends can apply for them. This is a new introduction to the show allows more people to be a part of it.


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