I am just testing the waters to see what is out there. I had a little success a few years ago producing a cutting edge burlesque troupe in the Fort Lauderdale area. I also spent a number of years as a touring comedian, and host/producer of an array of comedy and novelty shows through a company I founded called Sir Laffalot Comedy Productions. I am new to the Bradenton area and want to give it a go here in my new home town.
What I am looking for now are burlesque performers (classy and creative, NOT vulgar), singers (able to do Broadway tunes), novelty acts (fan dancers, etc.), and a women to play the part of “stage mom”. The stage mom is a character I wrote who is a retired old stage performer with an attitude and a bit nuts!!! As the burlesque performers do their sets and discard various items of clothing, someone has to pick them up after the act is over. The stage mom does this as she talks to the audience, she also interacts with me on stage, busting my chops, and basically being the funny busy body she is, while reminiscing and missing her glory days!!!
I do not have any venues lined up yet, but I have been bursting with new ideas and really am getting the itch to produce this show again.
Experience is, of course, preferred, but not necessary. Please respond by email and tell me about yourself, any experience you have, and your understanding of what “burlesque” is all about. Before you do respond, know that although “stripping” is a big part of burlesque, it is NEVER vulgar, nudity is NEVER part of the act.
If I do launch this, the performers DO get paid. A base fee paid for each performance, plus big incentives for commissions on ticket sales.
I am just tesing the waters now to see if there is a talent base in this area to go ahead and produce such a show. If you would like to be part of this and/or would like to know more about my vision, please get a hold of me, I look forward to hearing back from you.


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