Our film follows Scott, a 28 year old who is living with depression. When Scott breaks the law, he is made to wear an ankle tag and is placed under house arrest, his ‘house’ being a caravan on his mum’s drive. There, Scott must reconnect with his mum, Linda, whilst also having to get to know his mum’s new partner, Mag and her 10 year old son, Timothy – who has high-functioning autism. The main focal point of our film will be the formation of a friendship between Scott and Timothy.
We are planing to use this short 10 minute film as a pilot to further our production after graduation, with the hopes of it becoming a television/online series.

The production is starting from the second week of January, however actors will be needed in March only. The shooting will take place in Liverpool throughout the 16th March to 23rd March 2016. Actors will be needed at least two weeks before the actual shooting for a few rehearsals in London or Liverpool (will be discussed further ahead.)

As this is a student film, we are unable to pay for this position. However accommodation (if based outside of Liverpool), transportation and catering during filming will be payed for by us.

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Scott is a failed actor working as a mascot for a TV advert for cereal. Distancing himself from his family 8 years ago, Scott’s life has taken a turn for the worst leaving him depressed.His marriage has failed and his career is going nowhere. At work, Scott reaches boiling point, at which time he breaks down.He smashes the set to pieces and punches a camera man.He is committed and released into his mother’s care.He is extremely lonely, and because of this is snarky, defensive and very sensitive.

Males, aged 25 to 30 from London, United Kingdom

  • Minimum Acting experience:
  • Languages:

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