The famous FOX show 24 is back! Well, sort of. FOX recently announced that 24 will be returning with a brand new story line, characters, setting, and lead.  Kiefer Sutherland appeared in nine seasons of the FOX drama series for several years.  The show originally premiered on November 6th, 2001 and it lasted nine seasons with spin-offs until 2010.  Now Fox is set to reboot the series with a brand new lead character.  Corey Hawkins, star of Straight Outta Compton will be the lead in 24:Legacy. 

Hawkins will play a brand new character named Eric Carter.  He is a strong character with a rough background.  He had a difficult family life growing up, but he turned his life around when he joined the Army and worked his way up to the Army Rangers.  The show starts with Eric living in Virginia with his wife Nicole.  He now worked for CTU, a counter terrorist unit located in the heart of Virginia.  The show will be just as dramatic, thrilling, and action packed as the original 24.


This is a casting notice for extras that can play neighborhood walkers, concert attenders, and people in a group.

The pay rate is $68 for eight hours.

You will also receive an extra $25 if you let the casting team use your car.

They are looking for old cars like Buicks, Cadillacs, Pontiacs, and other cars that still run.  The scene is a 80’s and 90’s scene so we are looking for cars from that era.

The scheduled work date is September 26th.

Please submit a photo of your car along with a picture of you.

This is a great opportunity to be apart of a show on a premiere network.  Not only will you gain valuable experience in the industry, you will receive payment and refreshments during the filming.  We need good people that will help make this reboot the best show possible and live up to its name!

Fill out the submission form below to get more auditions.


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