The casting team for a new FOX show called, APB is now casting actors, models, and talent to work on several scenes.  The series is about a billionaire taking over a district of The Chicago Police Department in hopes of closing the case of a loved one that was murdered some time ago.  The story is based on the New York Times article called, “Who Runs the Streets of New Orleans?” Filming will take place between January 4th through January 13th in Chicago, Illinois.


Fox is known for its different dramas, romances, and crime shows.  This new show will be a hit that follows the crime-drama trend seen on HBO and Netflix.  The cast is somewhat unknown, with Justin Kirk playing the lead role.  David Slack, Trey Callaway, and Matt Nix are the primary writers on the show.


  • 1) Injured Extra
  • 2) Crime Scene Extras
  • 3) Pedestrians with cars
  • 4) Servers
  • 5) Strip Club Patrons
  • 6) Beach-goers
  • 7) Hispanic Servers

Locations: Miami (Open Call), Chicago (Submitted Auditions)

Audition Date: December 30th 2016

Paid: Yes

Credits: Yes

They are also looking for the following:
Pedestrians w/Cars (Black, Blue, Silver or Grey in color). Male/Female, Age range 18 to 65, Any Ethnicity

We may book people for more than one date, but you do not need to be available for multiple dates to submit for these exterior scenes.

This is a great opportunity to be in a new show on a major network.  FOX is known for re-casting people that have worked on their shows and fitting them into bigger roles.  You might take this role and be noticed by a director looking for a main character in a different show.  You never know! Apply as soon as possible for your shot at a prime job with FOX.

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