Casting teams need extras for the new FOX TV series featuring some of the most famous X-Men characters. Filming will take place in Spring 2017 and will film in Dallas, Texas.  The team is looking for all types of actors and models to play soldiers and celebrities.


Bryan Singer has signed on to direct Fox’s new action-adventure pilot that takes place in the historic X-Men universe. The show was picked up earlier this year and will be written by Matt Nix, known for his work on Burn Notice, The Good Guys, and other FOX productions. It will center around two ordinary parents that discover their children’s mutant powers. Coming to terms with their children’s special gifts, they must go on the run to avoid a government out to harness the power and use the child as a weapon.

The family joins up with an underground network of mutants and they ban together to establish the X-Men.  It is an origin story similar to that of FOX’s Gotham.  Fans of that series will surely love this take on the X-Men universe.


Date: Through April 2017

Where: Dallas, Texas

What: Extras for upcoming X-Men series on Fox

This is a tremendous opportunity to work on a new show on a prestigious cable network.  Not only will you earn money, you will gain valuable experience working on set and behind the scenes with industry professionals.  FOX is known for its long running and high quality shows, and X-Men will most likely be a hit with fans. Super hero movies are very popular with over five released each year.  Needless to say, this is a great opportunity to be apart of a show that is bound to draw a big crowd.

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