I am making a short horror film with a similar feel to Silent Hill and Insidious. I already got a great camera man on board for this and want it to look as professional as possible as I aim to possibly enter it into festivals.
The film will be based around Sam, a young person committed to a mental institute for depression. At night he suffers from horrible nightmares but are they really just nightmares or something more sinister?
I want to be really involved with all of my crew and get their input and ideas on how to make this film really great. I cannot offer payment but want to ensure everyone will get as much out of the film as they can so if there is something you are itching to try out and it works for the film I am more than up for it. I will of course cover any travel expenses as well as food & drink for any rehearsals and shoot dates. Also just to clarify – this is a pure collaboration which means no one will be paid.
I am not looking for actors just yet but keep a look out for the casting notice as it should come up as soon as I have my crew assembled.
See below roles I am looking for. Please apply and let me know why you’d like to be involved and any relevant experience you have!
Looking forward to hearing from you!

All minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

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