We are a quality, budget wedding video supplier. We are looking for bright, experienced, friendly videographers to cover ad-hoc jobs throughout the Midlands and South of the country (no applicants required for North).

You need to have an excellent eye for composition, exposure and focus and a keen ear for the audio too! Most jobs are single camera so you need to be organised, calm and quick on your feet to capture what is needed.

Everything we shoot is done naturally. We do not pose our clients. You need to be like a stealthy ninja capturing all the big and little moments without drawing attention to yourself. Giant film rigs are NOT required. We want our clients to feel at ease, not like they are on a film set.

We are specifically looking for people with the following cameras:
– Panasonic GH4
– Sony A7S / A7S II
– Canon C100
– Canon 5DMIII

You may have even better cameras than this so please let us know. However, we do have a list of cameras we DON’T like, some for quality issues, others for reliability issues, these include:
> Canon Rebel / T2i series (e.g. 550d, 600d, 750d etc.)
> Canon 5D MI and MII
> Nikon DSLR’s
> Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera
> All GoPros / action cams

You will also need:
– A variety of fast lenses (F2.8 or better) – will except slower lenses for A7S users only due to it’s unique clean ISO performance
– Audio gear (we use Zoom H1’s with and without lapels – a great, flexible budget solution)
– A sturdy tripod (ideally tall too)
– Loads of batteries and memory cards (over 128GB worth) enough so you never run out, even on really long shoots.
– A small videolight (just in case – we try to avoid using them)
– A variND filter for outdoor shoots (we can recommend some quality cheap ones if you don’t have one).

We do not shoot with big rigs, dollies, sliders, cranes or any other fancy gadgetry. We like to keep it light, stable and discreet so we go virtually unnoticed.

We pay a flat rate of £180 per wedding, based on a 8.5 hour shoot. Some days are shorter, some are longer. Please do not apply if this payment is too low – as we are a budget video company, we make very little profit from each wedding.

Your own car (or access to one) is essential due to locations usually being remote and not served by public transport. We will not accept applications from those reliant on taxis, buses or trains.

If you are interested please send us over:
1. An overview of your current experience with video links (must include live audio so we can see quality). We’re not fussed about your editing skills, just your camera skills.
2. Which area(s) you are willing to travel to
3. An equipment list
4. Why you would like to work with us

If you’ve made it this far, we would love to hear from you!


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