We are launching a web series this year, and looking for a fun, upbeat, person who can be the absolute definition of geeky. Animated, over the top, and able to keep the audience engaged

The YouTube show is about reviews: Books, tv, film, music, gaming, etc.

Auditions will be held on Saturday April 30th, at 10.00AM. Come along as your fav character if you want, to spice up your audition.

Audition FYI’s:
1. You will meet your co-host and producer on the day. No script will be provided as it is Improv scenes.
2. Check out on YT such channels as bookTubers, CollegeHumor, Honest Trailers, etc to get feel of what we are aiming for with this series

FYI: Those who are shortlisted will be provided a PDF of a very short book beforehand, so you are familiarized with the how the audition will run and what it will be about

Those interested, to add us on Facebook for any other details. Provided to shortlisted applicants


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