Title: Graphic Designer Needed

I know this isn’t the usual, but the industry does cross compliment each other in many ways so I thought I may put out the message as well that I am on the hunt for a graphic designer!

I need a graphic designer who can take my design brief and interpret it with their creative imagination. At the end of the day, I will be looking for and need:

> The project file
> The completed file in PDF & JPG format
> 1 x A1 option, and Facebook Timeline option.

My brief is very specific, and I will also provide references work and images to guide you along the way. I need someone to be able to not only design the posters but to also be clever in their creative interpretation and really make this concept stand out.

The Brief:

Title: Kevin Fraser | Life On The Hedge 2017
Description (just for you to understand):
Life On The Hedge is the concept for my 2017 comedy show, touring Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, US, UK & UAE over the course of the year.

It is a collaboration of events and stories in my life as an expatriate living in Australia.
There are a few ways in which I would like to depict the meaning of ‘Life On The Hedge’:

1. From ‘living on the edge’ to Living on the Hedge, I am trying to illustrate the transition between a past life, and my new life. Kind of like ‘living on the fence’ – peering over to the grass that is greener on the other side… My past life was ‘wild, edgy, ‘unsafe’ etc… Whereas Australia is more of ‘cushion’ and regulated, rules etc…

2. Combined with the modern day ‘first world problems’ and flustered lives we live today, is an indecisive and unsure modern society! Therefore I am just going to sit on the hedge and update my Facebook status instead, mate!

This action packed overly sensitive, politically incorrekt illustration of life as we know it, will brew up all the gluten free drama you need to understand the top 10 reasons why you should not over think the side effects of avocado smash and what exactly Tradies are getting up to on a Sunday morning because it is not your current affair!

I hope this gives some insight as to what I am trying to illustrate. We can talk more on the details though.


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