Filming Dates: 6th-23rd March AND 28th March – 8th April (only 5 days within this time frame though)

Producing two short films, both around 10 minutes in length. They are set in a post apocalyptic world, the first 5 years after and the second 10 years after.

This role is all expenses including and the cost of kit and materials

The Forgotten Child (1st film)
Synopsis: 5 years after the apocalypse, a family of three are fighting everyday for survival. Their world is turned on its head when the father brings home a wild girl from the woods. Relationships are tested as they try and adjust to this new arrival.
We are filming in North Wales from roughly 1st – 8th April, and so would need someone for the whole of this period.
We have a cast of four, three of which would need basic make-up to make them look tired and dirty. The fourth cast member is a wild child from the woodland, so would require more attention.

The Lost Sheep (2nd film)
Synopsis: 15 years after the collapse of the world, a father and his daughter are surviving in a world full of gangs. The film follows the daughter, straining for freedom and the father’s struggle with morality as he tries to find his daughter, and save her from one of these gangs, lead by The Preacher.
This film has a cast of eight, five of which are members of a gang, and so would require tribal tattoos and made to look pale. One other member of the cast would need to look perfectly clean and flawless and the other two would need to look dirty and unkept.

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