Title: Hair and Makeup Artists Needed for Vintage Fashion Show in Ballarat

As part of the Ballarat Heritage Weekend, Open Active Productions are presenting, for the first time, Dorothy Nicol Fashion. A fashion show with a love story, this evening celebrates the traditional event of the Annual Ball, featuring a hundred years worth of vintage fashion from Dorothy Nicol’s own vast collection.

We are in need of hair and makeup artists to work with our models to make our vintage fashion collection really stand out. Key dates are as follows

Sunday 24th April – dress/costume fittings
Wednesday 27th April – rehearsal
Thursday 5th May – tech rehearsal
Friday 6th May – dress rehearsal
Saturday 7th May – 5pm show

All fittings and rehearsals will take place at the Mechanics Institute in Ballarat, with the show taking place at 5pm Saturday 7th May. Makeup artists would only be required during the dress rehearsal and the show itself. If you enjoy vintage fashion and love stories, we’d love for you to take part in our show and make Dorothy’s dream of showcasing her collection come true!

For more details on the “The Hall, The Ball, The Gown & The Music: Celebrating the Annual Ball Season”, and the Ballarat Heritage Weekend, visit the link – supplied upon application.


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