Title: Hair and Makeup Stylist Required for Speculative Short Film

In Fashion, the ability to forecast the next big trend is everything. In the wild site that is the internet, companies harvest social networks for valuable patterns to predict and manipulate your buying preferences. As trends spread like viruses through dataspace, they provoke planetary scale shifts in production infrastructures; translating dreams into economies that reach from sweatshops in the third-world to windows on the high street.

Our team is shooting a speculative short-film to explore these ideas and we are looking for an enthusiastic make-up artists to help develop and implement the look for each character. We would like to meet with the hair and make-up artist before each shoot to develop a colour palette for the film and mock-up the look for each character.

The artist would be required onsite for 2-3 days to makeup the actors. Shooting would take place between mid-April and mid-May, at various locations around London.

As this is a small and independent production, we can only pay expenses. However, the hair and make-up artist would have significant creative input into the deign process and the end-product will be of a very high quality and a valuable addition to any work portfolio.

I am able to provide a copy of the script and more details about the characters if you are interested in working with us.

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