Title: Hair and Special Effects Makeup Required for Fantasy Comedy Short Film

Swinburne University Film Students looking for several Hair & Special Effects Make up artists for short film entitled ‘Yowie’


The film is about a bald man (Rod) who attributes his lack of friends and dismal self confidence to his baldness. In trying to find a solution to his baldness he accidentally makes a deal with the devil in order to regain his hair. His life seemingly improves, gaining the confidence to be the man he always wanted to be and people finally start noticing him. At the height of his new found successes and happiness everything turns sour. His hair doesn’t stop growing to the point where he resembles a hairy creature. Ashamed and scared he runs away to hide in the wilderness forever.

Plot Overview:

A bald man gets his hair back, and he takes it to it’s full potential. He styles his hair differently to look like different iconic movie stars and action heroes. The hair grows more, where he starts to also grow thickened chest and arm hair. The hair keeps growing, where his whole body gets covered in thicker hair, and his face gets more covered from the the hair. In the very end, he is completely covered in hair, resembling Bigfoot.

*This is a paid job & expenses will be also paid for (Negotiable).

Filming takes place between the 9th – 12th of October, with locations based around Victoria. (Both inner suburbs close to Melbourne and outer region)

Bigfoot Special Effects Make-up Artist

Several realistic wigs, facial hair, chest hair required for lead actor for multiple scenes.
A full body suit of hair, including full wig and facial hair to cover majority of the face (All of face except nose, eyes, upper cheeks and lower forehead). It colour of the hair is dark brunette, raggy and thick, and it’s similar in length to a golden retriever’s hair.

Any gender, aged 18 to 99 from Victoria, Australia

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Additional Make-up Artists

We also require general film make up and hair styling for other key cast. This includes 5 supporting characters – Derrick, Jane, Trev, Lucy and The Devil.

Any gender, aged 18 to 99 from Victoria, Australia

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