Title: Hair& Makeup Artist required for a Short film Shatten Shelm

Louise and her younger brother Peter are on a camping trip with their Mum and Dad in the bush regions of Victoria. The close nit family love telling scary stories around the campfire, but when one of their stories comes a little too close to real, what are the kids meant to do? Unwittingly beaconing the Schatten Schelm an ancient Shadow Prankster to their campsite the kids are menaced by it’s games. The Schatten Schelm feeds on people’s shadows, as a shadow holds that person’s personality, it particularly enjoys shadows of children’s. The Schatten Schelm steal’s Peter’s shadow and swaps their parents shadows leaving Louise to battle it out for the safety of her family.

Potential Shoot: dates 29th to the 31st and 4 days between the 3rd and the 8th of April


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