Title: Hair Stylist For a Fine Art Project: 6th and 7th of April in Wantirna South

We are almost ready for a very interesting project. It will be two days in our studio photographing actors and models dressed as beautiful old paintings.
This is a small description of what we are planning:
This is a personal project and the images created will be used for photography competition and in the photographer’s website. A copy of the images will be available to the participants only early September/2016 as to protect the images from public eyes before a main photography event late August.
The project is divided in 4 subcategories:
1 – Rich People 1600-1700’s individual portraits. These will be female very rich and texture full dresses with head accessories. See “Artemisia by Rembrandt” and “Portrait of Dona Isabel de Porcel by Francisco de Goya”
2 – Pour people 1400-1700’s individual portraits. Similar to the previous portraits but using simpler dresses but ads head accessories and turbans. See “Robert Campin Portrait of a Woman” “Weyden magdalen reading” and “Flora from Ititan”
3 – Peasants daily life 1700-1800. This is a more complex setup where we want to create a daily life scene of the suffering pour people from 1600-1700 or early 1800’s. The final layout of this will be dictated very much from the available talents and the costumes we manage to find or prepare. See the painting “Louis Le Nain Le Peasant family” to have an idea of what I am after.
4 – Action scene. This is probably the main part and the one more interesting and challenging. I want to recreate action scenes with 2, 3 and 4 models in dramatic scenes. Images full of expressions and impact. The main inspiration is from “Samson and Delilah from Peter Paul Rubens”. See also “Danae from Jacob Van Loo”, “Artemisia Gentileschi Giaele e Sisara” and one of my favourites “Judith Beheading Holofernes from Caravagio” or even better the “Judith slaying Holofernes by Artemisia Gentileschi”.
At the moment we have selected all actors and models but we need someone to help with the hair. If you are also a MUA, it would be even better.

What I can offer you for your help:
1 – Credit of your participation on a detailed web post where the final product will be presented and some details of the production will be presented. (Behind the scenes photos, technical data, etc)
2 – One A3 size fine art paper (100 % cotton – Museum quality) print of one of the images that you have participated. The total project is to product 4-6 finish images. I am offering one of them for the main participants but if they prefer I can create a collage with all 4-6 in a smaller size and all fitting on an A3 paper.
3 – Web size images for social media and personal profile sites after September 2016
The objective is to create something really nice. Something we can be proud of. If you can spare one or 2 days in this creative project, I am sure will be great fun and a great learning experience for all.
If you are available, please contact me and I will send you images of all we are planning and a shooting schedule.


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