Title: Headucational Films, Dead Lives Matter Short Film Casting Call. Phenix City, AL area
Date: 27 March 2017 8:54 pm

Headucational Films

Dead Lives Matter Short Film

Dead Lives Matter is a Horror/Comedy where a group of neighbors try to
decide how to handle a visit from the undead.

These are unpaid roles for a submission to “My Rode Reel 2017” short film
contest.  Exposure could be  high depending on the film’s success.

The film will have a maximum run length of 3:00.  This is a one scene film
shot on a neighborhood street and should be able to be accomplished in one
day during the weekend.

Rhonda:  20s – 40s Female
Rhonda is an attractive, independent, take-charge, no-nonsense woman

Lance: 20s – 40s Male
Lance is preferably large, muscular, or burly man that is very sensitive to
other’s feelings

Donnie: 20s – 40s Male
Donnie is a redneck. Plain and simple.

Reggie, Regina: 20+ Male or Female
Well educated and wants everyone to know it.

Bystander:  20+ Male
Bystander is caught in the middle of the arguments.  Must be able to be
expressive with their face.

Zombie: 20+ Male or Female
Medium to slender build, preferably tall.



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