Expert in hardware and software
Nuendo Protols HD, Reason, Cubase
Any type multi track spool recorder.
Tascam mx2424, console- Tascam dm-24,
Dm- 32 Tascam DM 4800, yamaha-dm-1000
Yamaha-OTR-96 sound craft- G-8 Yamaha ls-9
Sound craft digi-2000 ghost sound craft vi6
Any type of effect processor
Dolby sound 5.1 & 7.1 Surround Sound
Any type analog live sound console. Etc

sound engineer & keyboardist

6. Hobby

Reading, Music, live concert, Pet Breeding.

7. Extra Curricular Activities:

UPS /IPS Solar system Security Camera installation & maintenance engineer.
Excellence in singing, playing keyboard & guitar. Member of the musical band TEXAS.

8. Vision

To obtain a career position in an organization which can help in personal and professional growth with
Constant hard work

Males, aged 39 to 99 from any country

  • Minimum Keyboard ability:

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